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squeeze peristaltic hose pumpGH series industrial hose peristaltic pump consists mainly of pump house, rotor, roller, idle roller, squeeze tube and driving unit. The squeeze hose is U-shape in pump house, when rotor drives roller to rotate, hose is deformed. After the roller rotate, the deformed hose recover by its elasticity. Thus the negative pressure in this hose is generated, sucking slurries, and discharging through outlet under roller’s push, finally forms pressure conveying of slurries.





1. Reversibility

2. Sealessness and valveless

3. Abrasion resistance

4. Self priming with high suction

5. With 1% repeat precision

6. Corrosion-resistant

7. Easy to clean

8. Can run dry without damage

9. Peristaltic tube is the only consumption part


GH series industrial hose pump are mainly applied in distant conveying, grouting and dosing of viscous slurries in construction, mining, food, papermaking, ceramic, etc. It’s perfect pump for Corrosive, Abrasives, Shear sensitive fluids, High viscosity fluids, High density fluids, Large solids, Metering(±1%),High Pressure (3 MPa).

1. Water treatment: Sampling, Muds transfer, Abrasive products dosing: Lime slurry, Carbon slurry, Potassium Permanganate, etc... Chemicals dosing: Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Bisulphite, Polymers, etc...

2. Chemical industry: Dosing of all kinds of liquids in process, Dyes, Pigments, Paints, Detergents, Cosmetic creams, Gel, Resins, Latex, Corrosive acids, Inks, Anti-foaming, Glue, Oils, Peroxide, etc...

3. Food and Beverage: Additives dosing in bakery, Beverages, Juices, Sauces, Enzymes, Syrup, Milk, Oils, Enology additives, Liquid egg, Jams, Marmalades, Meat products, Mayonnaise, etc...

4. Other: Laboratory, Paper industry, Printing and packaging, Mortars, Ceramics, Agriculture, Mining, Pharmaceutical industry, Engineering, etc...

Technical data:

GH hose pump Capacity Max discharge pressure Hose inner diameter
GH10-190 0.022 L/rev 6 bar 10 mm
GH15-200 0.077 L/rev 6 bar 15 mm
GH25-265 0.3 L/rev 15 bar 25 mm
GH32-330 0.625 L/rev 15 bar 32 mm
GH38-430 1.25 L/rev 15 bar 38 mm
GH50-558 2.75 L/rev 15 bar 50 mm
GH50-680 3 L/rev 15 bar 50 mm
GH65-680 5 L/rev 15 bar 65 mm
GH76-770 7.5 L/rev 15 bar 76 mm
GH76-915 9.16 L/rev 15 bar 76 mm
GH100-915 17.5 L/rev 7.5 bar 100 mm

1. Intermittent duty: Max. 2 hours working and stop for 1 hour.
2. Flow rate takes water as medium.
3. You may inquiry to us if the model you need is not listed.





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In order to recommend you more suitable models peristaltic pump, please let us know clearly about your requirements:
1. What is the project with our peristaltic pump, is it for pumping concrete or others?

2. What is the pressure and output you require?

3. What is the local voltage you require, here the voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, is it ok for you?

4. What is max. aggregate size in the slurry?

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