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hose type concrete pumpGCP40H-E hose type concrete pump was designed based on the squeeze hose pump. This concrete pump uses high pressure, resisting wear squeeze concrete hose with steel wire reinforcement layers. The electric hose concrete pump also could be used for spraying concrete or refractory materials..







Product Feature:

1. Compact size: hopper with agitator, hose pump, power combined in a base frame.

2. Soft start: electric motor smoothly start and protect the motor.

3. Low wear: the squeeze hose is the only wear part of the pump and can be replaced very quickly.

4. Delivers even the most difficult materials.

5. Quiet pumping process.

6. Forwards and reverse, easily to removal the block.

7. Clean on the line: Quick and easy cleaning.

8. No residual concrete remains in the system.

Product Specification



Hose Pump GH100-1050
Hose ID 100mm (Trelleborg Squeeze hose)
Pump Speed 39rpm
Rated Output 45m3/h
Pressure 2.5Mpa
Max. Aggregate size <15mm
Concrete Slump 15-23cm
Hopper Capacity 400L
Hopper mixing speed 37rpm
Power Voltage 45KW  50HZ  IP55  3~380V
Overall Dimension 3080x1560x1730mm
Weight 2840kg


hose peristaltic pump application

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In order to recommend you more suitable models peristaltic pump, please let us know clearly about your requirements:
1. What is the project with our peristaltic pump, is it for pumping concrete or others?

2. What is the pressure and output you require?

3. What is the local voltage you require, here the voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, is it ok for you?

4. What is max. aggregate size in the slurry?

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