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Mud conveying hose pump long life

The mud conveying hose pump belongs to the category of peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pumps are a type of rotary positive displacement pumps. They are named because they work similarly to the gastrointestinal tract to transport gas, solid and liquid three-phase media. There is no strict distinction between a mud delivery hose pump and a peristaltic pump. Generally speaking, peristaltic pump refers to small flow (in ml / min) and low outlet pressure (not more than 3kg / cm2), which is mostly used in the field of health and laboratory measurement. The mud conveying hose pump refers to large flow (up to 80 m / h) and high output pressure (up to 16 kg / cm2), which is mostly used for large flow transmission and measurement in industrial occasions.

Industrial hose pump for lime milk

Designers and users of mud conveying hose pumps first value its ability to convey highly abrasive media. It has no valve, no seal, and the only part in contact with the medium is the inner cavity of the rubber hose. The rotor of the compression hose is completely independent of the medium. In addition, the mud conveying hose pump has many unique features: no other pump has better self-priming ability than the mud conveying hose pump, which can almost produce a perfect vacuum to suck liquid; No air resistance; conveying high viscosity, shear sensitive media is also a strong point; a fixed displacement per revolution has nothing to do with the outlet pressure, and is a natural metering pump.

hose pump for TBM project 1
All these advantages make the mud conveying hose pump more and more widely used in mining, food processing, brewing, ceramics, water treatment and other industries. Some people intuitively believe that the abrasiveness of the medium determines the service life of the hose, which is a misunderstanding. Abrasive media does wear on the inner wall of the hose, making known the thickness of the hose wall thin, resulting in internal leakage or backflow due to inadequate compression and decreased flow; internal leakage further increases the wear rate of the internal wall; but high quality All mud conveying hose pumps should be equipped with a hose compression adjustment device. During the use of the pump, it needs to be continuously adjusted to prevent internal leakage and flow rate decline.
Industrial peristaltic pump

Without considering the compatibility of the conveying medium and the hose material, the life of the hose is the same when conveying strong abrasive media and non-abrasive mucus. In fact, in addition to the rubber type and manufacturing quality of the hose itself, the primary factor determining the life of the hose is the number of times the hose is compressed; the second factor is the way, strength and frictional heat of the compressed hose. In other words, the failure of the hose is due to the accumulation of compression times and fatigue aging caused by frictional heat. The best way to maximize hose life and prolong the downtime interval is to reduce the number of times the hose is compressed, use a compression method that minimizes damage to the hose, and accurate compression strength.

hose squeeze pump

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In order to recommend you more suitable models peristaltic pump, please let us know clearly about your requirements:
1. What is the project with our peristaltic pump, is it for pumping concrete or others?

2. What is the pressure and output you require?

3. What is the local voltage you require, here the voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, is it ok for you?

4. What is max. aggregate size in the slurry?

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