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Food grade peristaltic pumps

Food grade peristaltic pumps manufactured by Gaodetec peristaltic pump manufacturers meet today's hygienic standards and are able to handle food products carefully, such as using food-grade peristaltic pumps to pump dairy products, baked goods, cereals, beverages and sweets.
Why use food-grade peristaltic pumps to pump food?
1. The food grade peristaltic pump has a special rubber hose with smooth inner wall and high strength. A pair of pressure rollers squeeze and squeeze the rubber hose along the rubber hose to flatten the hose. This rotation allows the medium to be transported in one direction without backflow. After the hose is transferred, the force of the flat hose and the side guide roller restores the hose to its original state. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the hose to draw the medium into the inner cavity again. The media is then discharged from the tube under the subsequent pressure roller press. Circulating back and forth, the medium is continuously sucked in and discharged.
In the whole process of the food-grade peristaltic pump, only the hose is in contact with the medium, and the food-grade peristaltic pump restricts the medium in the pipeline, so that the pump cannot be in contact with the fluid, and the fluid cannot be in contact with the pump. Design to prevent cross contamination. This pollution-free pumping makes food-grade peristaltic pumps particularly suitable for high-purity applications, including the transfer or metering of chemicals and additives in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor applications.
2. The food-grade peristaltic pump is a special type of low-shear pump, which is gentle and low-shear, will not destroy the characteristics and taste of food, and is very suitable for the food industry.
3. The food-grade peristaltic has strong self-priming ability and unique structure, which can be reversed positively. With the food-grade peristaltic pump, you can reverse the food-grade peristaltic pump to suck the remaining product from the hose, thereby reducing waste. Food-grade peristaltic seals will not leak in the form of sealing, which meets the requirements of high work site management requirements. These food-grade peristaltic pumps reduce a lot of man-hours in many foreign applications.


In order to recommend you more suitable models peristaltic pump, please let us know clearly about your requirements:
1. What is the project with our peristaltic pump, is it for pumping concrete or others?

2. What is the pressure and output you require?

3. What is the local voltage you require, here the voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, is it ok for you?

4. What is max. aggregate size in the slurry?

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