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Industrial hose pump is a professional term

Industrial hose pump is a professional term. It is not the industry that really does not know its application field. The editor uses common language to give everyone a popular science. Industrial hose pump is mainly used in industry, chemical industry, construction, underground engineering, mining, Viscous slurries in food, paper, ceramics and other fields are transported over long distances, metered pumps, pressure grouting, spraying, etc.
The special hose of industrial hose pump is specially designed to be able to repeat compression, and should not be confused with "ordinary hose". Some hoses are made of ordinary materials, while others have inner layers made of reinforcing fibers to increase the resilience, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the hose, ensuring that it maintains a circular cross-section when not compressed.
When the squeeze rebound of the hose pump hose reaches an unacceptable range, it needs to be replaced in time, which shows that the hose maintains a slightly elliptical shape even when it is not compressed. If it is a lined hose design, this "hose fatigue" may eventually cause the inner layer to crack or delaminate. It is best to replace the hose in time before it completely fails to prevent process fluid from leaking into the pump and possibly flowing out of the pump.
Features and advantages of industrial hose pumps
1. The squeeze tube is the only part in contact with the pumped material and the only wearing part;
2. Work without sealing and without directional valve;
3. Has a high self-priming ability, the self-priming height can reach 9 meters;
4. Can be idling without damaging the hose pump;
5. Can be reversed forward and backward, once blocked, you can press the reverse button to easily solve the blockage;
6. Can pump particles and viscous materials;
7. Can be cleaned online, easy to maintain.


In order to recommend you more suitable models peristaltic pump, please let us know clearly about your requirements:
1. What is the project with our peristaltic pump, is it for pumping concrete or others?

2. What is the pressure and output you require?

3. What is the local voltage you require, here the voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, is it ok for you?

4. What is max. aggregate size in the slurry?

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